Rwandan bankers adopt virtual classes to avoid course interruption

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Rwandan Bankers’ Association (RBA) has turned to virtual classes to ensure continuance of ongoing basic training course for bankers under the Rwanda Academy of Finance, an initiative involved in training different staff levels in the financial sector to acquaint them with international competencies.

The Rwanda Academy of Finance was set up by the Rwanda Bankers Association in partnership with Belgian Bankers Academy(BBA) and Luxembourg House of Training (HoT) in September last year to respond to capacity needs in the local financial sector as well as improve standards and practices in the country.

The course which features 9 modules began face to face sessions in October last year with the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown taking effect when first set of students were in their last module.

With the uncertainty of how long the containment period would last, Rwanda Bankers Association, Belgian Bankers’ Academy and Luxembourg House of Training began looking into alternative avenues to hold the sessions.

By the beginning of April after experimentation we were confident we could organize the last module on a remote basis, with the full collaboration of the local trainers. All attendees fortunately have a computer or electronic device with internet connection. After several test moments, RAF started up the remote course on Tuesday 14th of April.

To avoid further postponement or delays, the Academy turned to virtual classrooms adopting technological solutions such as WebEx, Microsoft Teams and Livestream.

The remote classes took effect on 14th April with sessions held at least two hours a day and including remote exercises. 

The new methodology and approach has expanded the possibilities for the institution as the Academy is now looking to involve and incorporate international experts who can instruct bankers while they are in their home countries.

“The pedagogical methodology has also to be adapted to the circumstances.  We hope for the best in this unique experiment that hopefully will be followed by many others. It opens indeed perspectives for attracting international experts who can train from their home country.

With the innovation, students are expected to prepare for their exams to be held by end of June this year.

Rwanda Academy of Finance offers 3 programs targeting bank employee level, middle management level and senior bank management level.

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