Rwanda Academy of Finance celebrates start of E-learning program remotely

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During a virtual “housewarming party” attended by more than 30 participants from the banking industry, among which several General Managers, the Rwanda Academy of Finance celebrated last Thursday evening 28-5 the finalisation of the e-Learning part of the vocational training program for regular bank staff. The e-Learning modules -8 in total- are now put at the disposal of the first cohort of participants, enabling them to prepare themselves thoroughly for the 140 questions of the certification exam that will take place on Tuesday 30th of June.

Mr. Robin Bairstow, chairman of the Rwanda Bankers’ Association (RBA) and General Manager of I&M bank, welcomed all 36 participants and declared his pride of being part of this venture creating vocational training courses for the Rwandan banking sector. He was happy that the project management office PMO –contracted with the Belgian Bankers’ Academy (BBA)- in a reaction to the COVID 19-outbreak had switched swiftly from face to face classes to remote education modules  so that no interruption in the training program occurred. He congratulated all 20 participants for their resilience and perseverance and wished them good luck in finalizing this venture that is so important for the future of the ambitious Rwandan banking industry. He looked eagerly to the start of the second session in September 2020 of the RAF 1 for basic bank staff program.

Mr. Frédéric Lernoux, CEO of the Belgian Bankers’ Academy (BBA) described  the history of this project for which BBA had to set up a Project Management Office inside the RBA. From a white sheet of paper at the beginning, the International and National Project Managers of BBA have been able to set up the Rwanda Academy of Finance (RAF). Thanks to the strong support of the Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign Affairs, RAF has been able to deliver a first curriculum for basic banking staff including 9 face to face modules, consolidated by 8 e-Learning modules and leading to exams organized by a separate Examination Board and leading to the first RAF certificates. The PMO is already preparing the training of trainers for the 10 RAF 2 modules. 2 out of 3 curricula are therefore on their way for the vocational training of all banking staff in Rwanda.

Mr. Ben Lyon Director and Head of ATTF of the Luxembourg House of Training, contracted by the Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign Affairs, gave then an overview of the created e-Learning modules. He insisted upon the fact that e-Learning modules are considered as complementary to face-to-face classes and are not replacing them. They provide an additional reference before the participants’ exam. He introduced the company to which the e-Learning was subcontracted : Digital University in Paris. Ms. Bénédicte Royanette, Project Manager for Digital University, presented then the e-Learning modules and their technical aspects to the participants, who will receive access to the system as from Friday 29/5 on and will be able to go through the system at their own pace.

M. Tony Francis Ntore, Executive secretary of the RBA, finally presented the Examination Board and its members. He insisted upon the willingness of RBA to create a body independent from the course provider RAF, assuring in this way the quality of the examination and thus the quality of the delivered Certificate. The Board Members are selected according to the curriculum to monitor. The Examination Board selected for the examination of the RAF 1 curriculum is composed by:  1 Senior management member of  RBA,  1 Senior Management Member of  Member of the NBR,  1 Academic Member of Rwanda Academic world,  1 Senior Member of the Belgian Bankers Academy and  1 Senior Staff Member of the House of Training. The Board monitors the organisation of the yearly exam and type of questions, the way of organising the exam, the correction of the exams and proposes final results to RBA that issues certificates.

A fruitful discussion organized remotely after the presentations, showed the commitment of all participants to prepare the exams decently and their ambition to become the first detainers of the newly created certificates of the RBA-RAF. With a remote glass of champagne international project manager Louis Delcart closed a highly attended and widely appreciated “housewarming party”.

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