About us

Rwanda Academy of Finance is an institute of vocational training aiming to provide with high quality training curricula for the different staff levels of the banking sector. There will be 3 programs to be developed: RAF 1 for employee level, RAF 2 for middle management level and RAF 3 for senior management level.

Every RAF program consists of 3 phases:

  1. A training curriculum per level in accordance with international standards and the organization of the production of on-site courses.
  2. An e-learning platform containing texts and exercises adapted to the Rwanda situation.
  3. The organization of yearly examinations on location, monitored by international experts and leading to high standard professional certificates per curriculum level (RAF 1,2 & 3)

Our Objectives

Setting-up a high-quality self-supporting training centre for the financial sector in Rwanda.

Providing services reinforcing the development of a modern bank & insurance environment in Rwanda according to international best practice

Influence the educational system for those who are to enter into the sector

Being fully integrated in the financial community and acquire strong credibility and meeting the needs of the banks, insurance companies and microfinance institutions and, in this respect, follow the evolutions.

Striving for a lean organisation, in order to reduce the centre’s costs to a minimum.

Organise an accreditation system in agreement with the banking, insurance and microfinance sector in order to establish a guaranteed quality for all different competences required in the financial sector.

Completed Projects

RAF Level II

FInancial Sector

RAF Level I

FInancial Sector


FInancial Sector


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